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Lossi 1 Põltsamaa 48103   Estonia  phone 77 51 168 director – Ethel Hakkaja     +372 51 925 845  ethel@kunstikool.ee
About us:
1993 Artists co-operated in Põltsamaa to organise exhibitions and arts camps
1996  8 November founding meeting of the Art Association ( 13 founding members)
Since 1998 member organisation of the Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (ENAEA)
1999 Members of the Art Association built an open Clas Workshop in the castle yard

2000 Creating opportunities for art exhibitions in the Cultural Centre – galeriisse torud, seltsi ühistööna
2000 The private arts school is founded – The Põltsamaa Art School.
2003 The Art Association won the title of the Jõgevamaa County Society of the year 2002.

2005 The Arts and History Conference as part of the school’s 5th anniversary.
2007 Design Week in the cellar, refurbishment of the toilet in the mosaic technique.
2008 Founding the Central Estonian Arts Gallery in the Põltsamaa Castle yard / galerii pART/. The members of the Art Association (28) contributed 400 work hours on voluntary basis.
2009 County award the Pearl of Culture 2008 for building the gallery.
2009 – 2010 The refurbishment of the school with the help  of students and the members of the Art Association. A clay workshop, a kiln room), a shower unit and a toilet were created.
2010 The Arts Conference as part of the school´s 10th anniversary was the  Nuclear power
The school Põltsamaa Art School was founded in 2000. The school provides extracurricular studies in the field of fine arts. Its primary goals are to develop student’s artistic abilities, to introduce history of art and to get skilled in making and recognizing the phenomena of contemporary art. Different forms of studying enable people of different age groups to take part in the work of our school, 7-8 year-olds start in pre-classes.
Normally, the students are accepted from the age of 10. The program offers training in drawing, painting, sculpture, composition, photography, print-making, ceramics, and history of art.
In addition to that pupils are interested in different techniques of applied art.
Admission is based on the interest in art; previous skills are recommendable but not obligatory. The school holds summer camps each summer. Visits to museums and galleries are organised regularly. Põltsamaa Art School cooperates with similar schools in Estonia and abroad. The education given in our school can serve a good basis for further education in higher art institutions such as Estonian Academy of Arts.
An unseparable part of our schoolwork is organising the art exhibitions in our gallery – this gives us a lot of invaluable experience for creative work.